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Full of FUN with this side drive four-wheel twist stunt car, which can move forward, backward, left, right, side, right, and at the same time, it can rotate 360 degrees left and right

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The Perfect Surrounding

The remote control has a key deformation function, which makes the body straighten and twist. At the same time, the remote control has a one button demonstration function, which can automatically display all functions of the car.

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Wrist Watch Remote Control

the product is equipped with a watch remote control, which can be used to control all functions of the car body through the induction of the watch.

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The Best Experience Ever

“Very happy with my order, this is an awesome new toy for me. I can spend my whole day with this car, I play with it when I am facing some stress from my job, it help me so much…Thank You! ”

Chris Johnson
Chief Financial Official

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